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Our predictive-financial projection technology uses company data sources for growth.

Serge Amouzou

  • Description of the idea

    Finpro - the new “decision-ready” data platform. Our predictive-financial projection technology uses company data sources to give decision-ready data and actionable next steps for growth. Ready to use inputs (expenses, revenue, headcounts), revenue predictions based on industry data, AI predicts marketing and sales expenses to achieve ROI, time-saving, beautiful reports, click to generate, universal, easily shareable, legible to all stakeholders.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Trend #1: Demand for decision-ready data - Provides a greater contribution to decision readiness of performance data - Per 2019 Gartner research, switch to “sufficient sources” of truth from a single source generated 40% greater contribution to decision readiness, and improved decision making and business outcomes by more than two times. Trend #2: (Re)centralization of finance analytics - Finance must determine which types of analysis should be owned by the center or the line and develop a scalable partnership model to sustain high-quality customer service. - Provide better decision support once the organizational model is properly aligned to specific activities.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Competitive landscape: Set A: Bench, Intuit, NetSuite, Sage, Xero, SAP, FreshBooks; Set B: Finpro, Finmark, Pry. 1. Demand for decision-ready data: a. Accounting: Set A b. Projections: Set B 2. (Re)centralization of finance analytics: a. Finance professional access: Set A b. Layperson as end-user: Set B c. Single source of truth: Set A 3. Reporting on demand: a. Charts and reports: Set A and set B b. AI and ML: Set A and set B c. Readily accessible: Set B Accounting and single source of truth are mature markets. Finance professional access, charts and reports, AI and ML, and readily accessible are competitive markets. Layperson as end-user is an opportunity. Finpro's true edge: Layperson focus, ready to use inputs, visualization-focused

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    1) Solidifying target audiences, creative direction, the “why” across the customer funnel -awareness, conversion, loyalty 2) Building the diverse content stream necessary to be successful via digital channels 3) Rigorously testing initial marketing strategy via calculated soft launch roll-out 4) Evolving strategy based on soft launch learning, expanding strategy via hard launch 5) Growing market share by continuously addressing all aspects of the customer funnel - awareness, conversion, loyalty 6) Reaching top converting audiences consistently and directly at scale